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Q: I just bought a Groupon pass, what's my next step?

A: That's awesome! All you need to do is register on our website and come in with the voucher number to your first class.

Q: Who does your specialty discount apply to?

A: Seniors ages 55+, Students, School Staff, Military, Veterans, First Responders, Nurses. Must show proof.

Q: Is the unlimited membership (auto-debit) a contract?

A: No, it can be cancelled at anytime we just need a 30 day heads-up to cancel or freeze your account.

Q: Do you offer prenatal classes?

A: Although we may not offer a specific prenatal class we do offer a gentle class which will give you the same results and have you feeling amazing afterwards! Just let the teacher know you're pregnant before class starts and they will work with you!

Q: Do we have a filtered water so I can fill my water bottle?

A: Yes, located in the back room.

Q: Do you have mats available if I don’t have one?

A: Yes and at no charge!

Q: What's the best package to purchase?

A: The monthly unlimited (auto-debit) will definitely save you the most money if you ever come twice a week or more, but if class packages work best for you, you save more money with the more classes you purchase and there is no expiration!

Q: Do you have a referral plan? I want invite friends to join me!

A: Yes! We give an additional $20 off toward your membership for each person who also signs up for a membership (auto-debit). There is no limit!

Q: Does Bloom Yoga offer Workshops?

A: Yes, they are scheduled every 2-3 months. Keep an eye out for some amazing workshops coming soon!

Q: What are your earliest and latest classes?

A: Depending on the day of the week our earliest can be as early as 6am and latest can be from 7:30pm-8:30pm.

Q: Do you have hot yoga?

A: We offer heated classes that get to about 80+ degrees. These heated classes will be in the early mornings or early evening and may not be labeled on the schedule.

Q: Do I need to sign up for class online?

A: No, just come to class 5-10 minutes early so we can get you in the system before class starts.

Q: Where can I find the class schedule?

A: You can see it online on our website or or the mindbody app.

Q: What class do you recommend for beginners?

A: Any class labeled as “level 1” is good for beginners! We also recommend a gentle or yin class to start off with because they are very mellow and makes it easy to transition to other classes.

Q: I have an injury, can I still do yoga?

A: Absolutely! Most doctors recommend yoga because it does well with giving injuries a much needed stretch and exercise. ALWAYS let your teacher know before class starts and we do recommend you consult with a doctor before proceeding.

Q: My child is 12, can they take an adult class with me?

A: Yes, 12 is the youngest age we accept into our adult classes, parent must sign the liability waiver for anyone under age 18.

Q: Do you have parking?

A: Yes, all throughout this shopping center between this studio and the Burger King there are plenty of parking spaces available.

Q: I travel a lot or have a busy schedule, what is the best membership option for me?

A: We have an amazing class package deal where you buy a set of classes and use them whenever your schedule fits, the best part is that it doesn't expire! This is also great for anyone who lives out of town but visit often.

Q: I have a very busy schedule but would like to squeeze some yoga into my day, do you have any convenient times for me?

A: Yes! We have some amazing classes as early as 6am every Tues-Fri and classes as late as 7:30pm every Mon-Fri, we even have weekend classes!

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