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Types of Classes Offered

core flow

Core Flow

A flow yoga class which awakens, warms and energizes the body in a comfortable flowing sequence that deepens the connection between breath and movement it allows heat to build in the body mainly focusing on the core.

gentle yoga

Gentle Yoga

A slow-paced yoga class that focuses on postures to awaken and relax your body and mind. Soothing music, rejuvenating postures and deep relaxation combine to refresh your body and mind. 

sculpt yoga

Sculpt Yoga

A fusion of muscle building postures, core specific routines, delicious heat and much needed stretching, developed to strengthen your body, and sharpen your mind.

booty sculpt

Booty Sculpt

A class designed to focus on the most stubborn area on our bodies that is difficult to control. helps you sculpt and lift your glutes, inner/outer thighs and lower bellies. Ballet based yoga to target seat work.

power yoga

Power Yoga

A fitness-based Vinyasa practice. Benefits include building internal heat, increase stamina, strength, and flexibility. Power Yoga classes move with an even faster rhythm.

yin yoga

Yin Yoga

A unique class made for anybody looking to relieve stress and relax the body from tension built up throughout the day.  Offering a much deeper access to the body in that you are asked to relax in the posture and soften the muscles.

bloom yoga sd 4

Yin Yang Yoga

A combination of a Yin yoga and a Vinyasa class, the first half of the class starts with a Vinyasa flow and the next half being a relaxing yin session. 

bloom yoga sd 4 Barre Yoga

The Barre method uses your own body weight for resistance and focuses on small, deliberate movements that focus on specific groups of muscles, specifically muscles that aren’t used in other workouts.

*limited space available

*Classes are all 60 minutes long unless otherwise specified

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